Life: “Okay, so today…”

Me: “-NOPE. It’s Downton Day, so unless you’re serving tea or coming to change my clothes, GTFO.”

My Downton cartoon-In honor of Downton Abbey S5 premier.
My absolute all time favorite without question, Lady Mary.

My Downton cartoon-In honor of Downton Abbey S5 premier.
My absolute all time favorite without question, Lady Mary.


Yea I’ll just be over here crying

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Downton Abbey Series 5 Official Trailer

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Downton Abbey, Series 5

Secrets and Relations

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Downton Abbey series 5 - official trailer (x) (part 1)

Cry or scream from pure unadulterated elation. I can’t decide

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Left Picture= Me today during my first Social Psych lecture…

Right Picture= Me when my professor busts out with “Yea my home decor is like Downton Abbey meets Dracula—Anyone else in here watch Downton Abbey?”

No. Effing. Way.

Jaw. Dropped. Hand. RAISED!!


My Top 5 

So the lovely hufflepuffhermione tagged me to list my top five movies I would want with me if I was on a desert island! (My list also includes TV shows!)

Gosh only 5..hmm…i know i am leaving something out but…

1) Downton Abbey- Does this need any explanation. Gotta have my Mary and Matthew. 

2) Moulin Rouge- First movie I became obsessed with! Beautiful in every aspect. Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love

3) Mad Men- Another show that makes me feel like I was born in the wrong era. Also I am minoring in Advertising at my university. 

4) The Great Gatsby (2013)- Another major kicker to my “Roaring 20’s” infatuation. Once again, Baz and Leo left me speechless. I could live in this movie forever. 

5) Once Upon A Time- Gotta have my enchanted forest and grown up Disney. 

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Oh Matthew.

Oh Matthew, indeed!

Oh Matthew, indeed indeed!

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So the aim of this is to create some kind of list of people who blog downton stuff because I am not following nearly enough people and yeah so let’s make some kind of list to refer to



Pray for Gaza
Pray for Ferguson
Pray for Iraq
Pray for ISIS
Pray for our world

Lord hear our cry

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Yes, I hated that term!   It made Season 4 seem more like a 1920’s version of #TheBachelorette instead of the show I fell in love with back in S1. 

S4 just frustrated me. I didn’t understand why the Mary’s men story was supposed to make any kind of sense. Instead of bringing Tony and Charles on why not just focus on her recovery and her friendship with Evelyn. I think in trying to rush the suitors and then forcing stuff (Mary and the pigs was 500 miles from in character) to try and generate chemistry JF missed a lot of opportunities for more organic story.  S4 convinced me that even the actors cannot sell every arc.

No actor could sell the arc that JF produced in Series 4.  Mary changed like the weather as soon as Granny convinced her to live instead of die.  Off went the black mood and clothes, replaced by lavender and love lorn looks at every prospective suitor at her door.  And, may I add there were way too many of them for my taste.  The family (except for Edith and Isobel) don’t mention Matthew any longer, the little dog that Mary vowed to keep on her vanity to remind her that “Matthew was on her side” has mysteriously vanished (Isis, probably chewed it up,) and I’ve yet to see Mary crying at her husband’s grave.  It is clear to me JF is doing everything in his power to have the audience forget the Matthew/Mary romance (impossible for this viewer) and latch on to one of the new guys in town.  It will never happen for me.

Matthew Crawley is a tough act to follow, and neither Gillingham, Blake or Napier have what it takes.

The problem for JF is he totally sold M&M as soulmates, meant to be, totally in tune. And then by the third episode of the next series has Mary kissing another man. It was absolutely ridiculous. Having Mary teasingly talk about the guys being in a competition etc. was absurd. I honestly don’t think its just Mary though. Every single character has been increasingly out of character since S3. Not because the actors left but because JF isn’t writing anyone consistently anymore. Honestly I think JF is out of ideas and he’s depending on shocking moments and triangles to carry the show.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel as though after Season 3, I am watching a different program with characters from Downton Abbey. Hope that makes sense.

I forgot to mention Mary scrambling eggs was way out of character. Who taught her that neat little trick? Sybil didn’t even know how to fill a tea kettle! These young women didn’t know how to cook anything. Such nonsense by Fellowes! He rewrites his own characters. It is maddening.

When I first watched DA I fell in love instantly-from episode 1 season 1. The complex characters, the intertwining story lines, and, yes,the big kicker for me— the Mary & Matthew storyline.

Being so in love with the show I was torn in S4. It’s like I’m screaming at my tv “I WANT TO LIKE YOU AND ENJOY YOU! Meet me halfway Julian Fellows!” I realized I had 2 options: quit the show, or cut my losses and keep moving with it.
So I chose to enjoy the show as is, but only after realizing it will never be the Downton Abbey we all loved. Matthew cannot be replaced, and if you can’t agree then get out my frockin face! (Frock pun😉)

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Andromeda and her Perseus…”-rather more fitting, wouldn’t you say?” 

This is so beautiful!!!!

Aww thank u☺️




Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley and Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley having a conversation that’s not what it seems to be. Double entendre, anyone?

Downton Abbey: Season Two (Episode 2)

Absolutely double entendre. Matthew and Mary used it all the time, and I loved it.

These were the times I was shouting “JUST BE TOGETHER PLEAZZE” at my laptop 😩

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